Saturday, July 21, 2007

A New Place to Laugh

Hello, friends and relatives! This is a new blog dedicated to our sketches. Now, instead of having to send specific YouTube links to various people, we can just say, "Hey, check out!" Try it yourself. Next time you're out with people, shout, "Hey, check out!" The folks you're with may look askance at you, but with any luck someone else in the restaurant will succumb to their curiosity and seek us out, and you will have done your part.! It's easy to remember, and we didn't even pay for a domain name! We pay for very little.

Below, please enjoy the five sketches we've produced so far. If you hate them, fuck you! Also, please come back, they'll get better. This week we are on hiatus, because the perfect way to kick off our new site is with disappointment. But next week we'll be back with more new sketches, so stick around! In other words, do not navigate away from this page.

I said, do not.

#5: Guardian Angel

Mike reveals he is Kenny's guardian angel.

#4: Awkward Party

Mike realizes he is the only guest at Kenny's birthday party.

#3: What's Wrong With America

Kenny responds to Mike's new book.

#2: Calling in Sick

Mike helps Kenny lie to his boss to get a sick day.

#1: Jet Pack

Mike tells Kenny about his new invention.