Friday, August 17, 2007

#8: Phone Call

Kenny receives a warning from a mysterious caller.

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Warren Schmidt said...

Hi. I overhead the name of your blog at my retirement ceremony at work in which I was given a Chinese knock-off of an expensive watch. I came home to find my wife dead of a heart attack on the kitchen floor. Then I found a shoebox full of love notes she had been exchanging with my best friend for the last eight years, revealing sordid, graphic details of their affair. Suddenly I realized that the prime of my life had been wasted playing office politics and sleeping with a whore. I didn't know what to do. So I logged onto your blog and watched your funny movies. Sketches I think you call them. They have restored my will to live. I will drive my motorhome across the country! I must go now. I believe that's the coroner's van out front. I'll leave you "really smart" young men with this. Serling and Hitchcock could have done no better with that mysterious phone call bit. Truly yours, Warren