Friday, January 4, 2008


Our Quarterlife parody has gotten a tiny amount of notice, which of course is huge by our standards because it means someone actually saw it. In addition to being featured on the Quarterlife show page (previously with a screencap from the video, now as part of a list of user generated content), it's been noted by the Reel Pop blog and obliquely referenced in the Boston Globe's review of Quarterlife.

Reel Pop:

You know you've truly gone viral when the parodies start coming. Funniest moment: Just watching Kenny mimic "Quarterlife" star Bitsie Tulloch's body language, flopping around on the bed like he's having a seizure.

Boston Globe:

That's one nice thing about those Internet bells and whistles: If the central content falls short, at least there are ample distractions. In the hours I spent on the "Roommates" and "Quarterlife" sites, the most entertaining thing I found was a point-by-point parody of the "Quarterlife" trailer, made by a pair of aspiring sketch comics in Los Angeles. Herskovitz and Zwick, choosing to view it as flattery, posted it on the show's site. Now, that's something an old-fashioned TV network probably wouldn't do.

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